2020: What a Time to Be Alive

2020: What a Time to Be Alive

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Care Packages can be sent to your own address, or you can send them to a friend, family member, or long-distance partner! Just put their name and address down under 'Shipping Address,' and you can even write them a little note under 'Order Notes.' We will either write it out on cute stationary, or write it into the included card (if there is one). 

Each Care Package has limited quantities, and once they are gone we won't always restock! We are making and adding new ones everyday, so keep checking back for new options.

This one contains:

1. 'The Fuckening' Bath Salts from Salty Betch - Mercury Retrograde? Full Moon? In-laws? Socks Got Wet? PANDEMIC? Himalayan Pink Rock Salt and a neroli essential oil blend with sustainable glitter. Neroli oil offers a variety of benefits for mind, body, soul and leaves you smelling tranquil and luxurious. Aromatic description: Sweet + Floral + Citrusy + FreshMade by Salty Betch in Denver, CO

2. 'If You're Freaking Out, Read This Book' - A Coping Workbook for Building Good Habits, Behaviors, and Hope for the Future. Paperback book / workbook. Is everything terrible? Is your life going to shit and your brain's convinced you that you’re utterly screwed? Have you found yourself in a dark place with no way out? Are you having trouble holding onto reality and getting out of the dumps? All of the above? Sounds like you're freaking out. Simone DeAngelis has been there, and she made herself a book to remind her, page by page, exactly what to do to get herself out of danger, and now it can help you too.

3. Dumpster Fire Card - What a dumpster fire of a time to be alive. Folded card measures A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) and comes with an envelope. Letterpress printed on 100% cotton paper.