Droplet Vibrating Necklace

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Daytime wear turns into nighttime arousal... At first glance, this beautiful line of intimate objects reveals itself as elegant pieces of jewelry and fashion accessories. But look closer and you will discover that there is more than meets the eye. They are all instruments of pleasure, each evoking a sexually charged personal experience. Inspired by friends who didn't own sex toys for fear of them being discovered, Ti, the creator of Crave set out to develop tasteful, quality pieces that were both functional and gorgeous and that one would rather flaunt, than hide. The beautiful Droplet Necklace will grab everyone's attention, but put it to use and it will be all the attention you need! Simply slide the lambskin loops around each nipple, tighten the loop and turn on the tiny vibes with a twist. Its sleek and sophisticated form can easily compliment any outfit or lingerie.