"GAY!' Iced Coffee Embroidered Patch

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ICED COFFEE IS GAY. Ask any gay - 9/10 times they only drink Iced Coffee. Embroidered patch with iron on backing. (But you probably want to sew the little straw down at least.)

2.8 x 4.8 inches

About the Maker:

Cat Coven is a shop for the weirdos, witches and warriors. It was created and is run by Kjersti Faret, an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. All of the drawings featured in Cat Coven are illustrations by Kjersti Faret. The imagery is influenced by her interest in the occult, art history, feminism and cats. She hopes her illustrated clothing makes people feel confident and empowered. Also, she hand prints 95% of everything that is screen-printed (during the busy seasons she occasionally hires print shop friends for help). Everything is printed in small batches to ensure quality.