Karma is a Betch Bath Soak

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Relax and let karma take the wheel…

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Sandalwood Essential Oil Blend and Sustainable Glitter.

Sandalwood oil promotes healthy looking and smooth skin.

Provides grounding and uplifting feelings during meditation and enhances that mood.

Aromatic description: Woody + Dry + Sweet

Note: flowers not included


About Salty Betch:

"Salty Betch is a cheeky divine bath and lifestyle refuge for our sassy beings needing relief in moments of FUCKERY.

After pregnancy and a car accident, I needed to find self-care rituals that took me beyond my happy place, which consists of meditation, chai, and glitter. I was getting sick of seeing bath products talking about “namastay under a full moon”. Inspired by my Indo-Canadian ancestry and passion for eastern wellness, I crafted soaks to invoke your best self using pure essential oils and pink rock salt from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

So, Namaste

Get Naked. Get Wet. Get Salty."

Vegan | Kosher | Cruelty-Free | Organic | Woman-Owned | Made in Colorado

Partial proceeds of sales are donated towards initiatives to end domestic violence.