Life and Times of Butch Dykes (Hardcover)

Life and Times of Butch Dykes (Hardcover)

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Queerness has many brilliant facets. This illustrated book celebrates butch lesbians throughout history and today, including heroes like:

  • Gloria Anzaldúa, a theorist, academic, and writer who introduced the concept of the borderlands, an idea that encompasses and goes beyond geography and genre and into identities of race, sexuality, and gender.
  • Gladys Bentley, a larger-than-life character and crooner during the Harlem Rennaissance
  • Gertrude Stein, who famously bent the English language to her will
  • Claude Cahun, an agender French surrealist artist who was imprisoned for distributing anti-Nazi propaganda
  • Chavela Vargas, a hard-living, iconic Mexican singer who came out at age 81

And there are so many more! From living singers, thinkers, and filmmakers to legendary and brilliant creative minds of the past, this book hones in on a specific identity and paints it large and proud. Every star portrayed in this work was assigned female at birth and went on to strongly express a butch identity while living public, creative lives. 

The Life & Times of Butch Dykes is a compilation of zines published by Eloisa over the past decade. With drawings, stories, and quotations showing the great contributions as well as little, human details about their lives,  it's perfect for people of all genders seeking role models or to learn or teach history through its unsung heroes.