'Permission Slip' Card

'Permission Slip' Card

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For when you know somebody who needs a permission slip to do what's best for them, especially in challenging times. 

“*Permission Slip* To do nothing, to do something, to be unproductive, to do what makes you feel good or comfortable or calm or normal or safe or OK, to get through this in a way that works for you” is printed on a blank 5.5" x 4.25" (A2) super sturdy 110 lb white notecard with the Craft Boner logo on the back. 

Every design is hand lettered before being scanned in and put in a buncha nifty colors. Please note that because everyone's monitor is a weensy bit different, the colors on the card may vary slightly from what you expect but I try my best to make every card excellent.

These cards ship in a plastic bag in a sturdy envelope so even if your mailman is a dick you should still get it in good shape.