Plant Mom

Plant Mom

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Care Packages can be sent to your own address, or you can send them to a friend or long-distance partner! Just put their name and address down under 'Shipping Address,' and you can even write them a little note under 'Order Notes.' We will either print it out on cute stationary, or write it into the included card (if there is one). 

Each Care Package has limited quantities, and once they are gone we won't always restock! We are making and adding new ones everyday, so keep checking back for new options.

This one contains:

1. Handmade & painted planter from GroupPartner: We only order these once a year, and we are a little obsessed with them. They are so cute and can hold plants that are up to 6-8 inches, and they come in a very cool gift box.

2. Plant Mom keychain

3. 'If You Wanna Be My Lover, You Gotta Get With My Fronds' Card

All of these items are from small, independent, women makers and designers.