Spark Romance

Spark Romance

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Care Packages can be sent to your own address, or you can send them to a friend or long-distance partner! Just put their name and address down under 'Shipping Address,' and you can even write them a little note under 'Order Notes.' We will either print it out on cute stationary, or write it into the included card (if there is one). 

Each Care Package has limited quantities, and once they are gone we won't always restock! We are making and adding new ones everyday, so keep checking back for new options.

This one contains:

1. Sexy Seductions Mini Book: This mini Sexy Seductions book contains 50 exciting sexual adventures for partners. Whether readers are in the mood for something sweet, daring, romantic, naughty or take-charge, Sexy Seductions provides every option. With a petite and travel-sized format,  partners get a tantalizing seduction complete with titillating sexual techniques, playful prop and toy suggestions, and provocative scene and clothing concepts. 

2. Woo Coconut Love Oil: Great for massage, oral, or any sort of penetrative play!

Organic Coconut Oil: Naturally rich in antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties

Vanilla Essence: A natural aphrodisiac and delicious to taste, we use a hint of Vanilla so you can get up to non-vanilla things. Do you accept this challenge?

Beeswax: A little beeswax goes a long way: working to soften skin and soothe inflammation.

Stevia: A natural, zero-calorie way to sweeten up your life, Stevia is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, triterpenes, tannins, caffeic acid kaempferol, and quercetin. Sweet without the sugar so it's safe for your intimate areas. 

NOT compatible with latex barriers. 

3. Spark Romance: the gift of simple, meaningful strategies to kindle a spark and break up the routine in a pick-me-up package. Filled with conversation starters, fun date ideas, and ways to express love that will deepen a connection and spark intimacy. Sweet and not overtly sexy, these prompts will shake up the routine for couples at any stage in their relationship. Includes 50 faux matchsticks with printed prompts. 

4. Feather Cuffs: Lead your partner into willful submission with the softness of these marabou lined wrist cuffs. Each exquisite package contains one 27" chain that can adjust to any size wrist. With the decadent softness of these cuffs... who would want to resist anyway?