Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator

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Let the sweet gentle fingertips of SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator cross your skin,it vibrates,circulates, stimulates your most sensitive parts. Bringing with it waves of stimulation to pleasure you.

SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator also has a soft and flexible rounded head
with a strong built-in vibration motor. The soft, rounded silicone head allows for exploration within the vagina as well as external stimulation.

Nymph is made from a single piece of silicone. With this one-piece design, Nymph is
watertight with the waterproof level of IPX7. So if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, Nymph is your toy. It's super easy to clean. Perfect for the fun and pleasure in the bath, shower or hot tub.