Viv Organic Plant-Based Tampons

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organic cotton tampons with plant-based applicator

viv organic cotton tampons with a plant-based applicator are perfect for our eco-conscious menstruators. bpa-free, toxin-free, and plant-derived to create a more sustainable period. 

our tampons come in two different absorbencies- 

regular: 16 count regular absorbency tampons per box in yellow wrapper

super: 16 count super absorbency tampons per box in green wrapper


Viv was created by eco-conscious menstruators who knew the way the world approached eco-conscious period care needed an overhaul.

Each traditional pad takes roughly 800 years to break down, a startling fact that sprung the Viv founders into action. 

Armed with the knowledge of how harmful period care is on the environment, they made it their mission to place earth-friendly and toxin-free products into the hands of every menstruator.