RockHer Mini Scissoring Vibrator by Wet For Her

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Elevate your scissoring technique and rock her world with our newest addition to the Wet For Her line of unique sex toys for lesbian and queer couples. Longtime lovers of frottage and new initiates alike will appreciate this cleverly designed scissoring vibrator with 10 modes and wireless remote control. 


  • RockHer™ Scissoring Vibrator / By Women, For Women
  • Vibrating Clitoral Ring With Textured G-Spot Bulb
  • Powerful Motor / 10 Vibration Modes
  • Wireless Remote Control (Included)
  • USB Rechargeable (Included)
  • Running Time / 60 Minutes
  • 100% Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Splashproof / Suitable In Shower

While some lesbians swear by the practice, others consider it an urban legend. Scissoring; is it even a thing?! We know it is, based on personal and professional experience, so we set out to create the perfect tribbing accompaniment for queer couples. Who better to design a scissoring sex toy than lesbians themselves?

And thus the RockHer was born. It’s an intuitive and low-profile vibrator that includes a powerful motor with 10 vibration options. Rechargeable and operated via wireless remote control, the RockHer™ makes it possible for lesbian couples to achieve hands-free tandem clitoral stimulation.

Scissoring acquired its name based on the classic position of interlocking legs like two pairs of scissors, grinding while intertwined and facing one another. While it and variations are considered classic for a reason, explore additional options such as missionary, cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl. The RockHer™ is specifically designed for vulva-on-vulva action and can be diversely employed to achieve maximum pleasure.

When the bulbous side is inserted into the vagina it offers g-spot stimulation, as the ring gently holds open the labia while framing the clitoris. The RockHer™ can easily be turned around with the ring worn on the inside and the bulb is worn on the outside pressed against the clitoris. Less flexible ladies or those with particularly tight hamstrings might appreciate the larger canvas of the bulbous side, as it helps create contact when there’s a gap between clits.

This versatility means anyone can discover the orgasmic joys of scissoring. Grab your lover and a RockHer™ vibrator for happy humping!