Be There in 5 Personal Wash by Woo

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Whether it’s your intimate wash or the attention that you’re giving to your situationship, repeat after WOO: less is more. That’s why we created Be There in Five with the simplest ingredients to gently cleanse your vulva for all of the moments before, after, and in between "physical activity."

Silky and lightweight, this pH-balanced wash helps keep you clean and hydrated. 

Why You Should Use It: pH balanced, created for your most sensitive areas Made with natural ingredients, great for sensitive skin

Same custom aroma as the Freshies Wipes

Silky texture to keeps things smooth

Recommended for daily use to keep things fresh for the next round

How to use: Apply our pH-balanced intimate wash to external areas only in the shower or bath, gently working into a lather and rinsing clean. The best part? This formula is so gentle, you can use it all over your body, every time you wash.