Zodiac Sex Position Massage Oil Candles

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*Summer shipping update*
We recommend not ordering these online May-September as they have a low melting point and easily melt during transit. If you order these during those months it is at your own discretion and they will not be refunded or replaced. 

Black Cake Zodiac Massage Candles got us feelin’ that cosmic sexxxual energy, babe! Make steamy nights even hotter with this garden floral scented candle that has hand drawn illustrations of your sign’s fave sex position. Melts into a sensual oil, perfect for setting the mood and giving a sexy rubdown. 

 Make a truly unique statement in your home with Black Cake’s Zodiac Massage & Sex Candles. Each candle is hand illustrated by Black Cake founder Erika Mark making them a piece of art.

Embracing a stylish zodiac twist, Black Cake’s sex massage candles feature an intricately drawn provocative sex position for each zodiac sign. There is a candle for each zodiac sign. Every sex massage candle reflects a sex position suitable for that zodiac sign and personality and includes a special fortune that reveals that sign’s sexy nature. The sex candles were designed to inspire confidence, creativity and excitement between the sheets.

Hand poured in Los Angeles, California, Black Cake’s  beautifully hand illustrated glass containers enhance seductive elegance and sensuality. Our candles are made with  the finest natural ingredients and are vegan and scented with fragrant oils.

Our candle’s wax forms a highly emollient, moisturizing massage oil.  Once lit, the gorgeous radiant glow from the candlelight sets the mood. These sex position candles burn to create massage oil. After the oil is formed, you can pour the warm massage oil on your partner’s body and enjoy a seductive massage session. Black Cake’s sex candles create a wonderfully seductive, elegant experience that is sure to set the mood for romance.

PINK CANDLES: Pink Pomegranate Scent

BLACK CANDLE: Light Sugar Rose Scent

Note - Zodiac sex massage candles are designed for external use only. Keep these candles away from flammable items and children. 

*Sex positions depict only heterosexual couples at the moment-queer illustrations to come*