Burn Trio by maude - skin-softening massage candle gift set by maude

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Gift set includes:
Burn no. 0 unscented A fragrance-free essential—made for everyday use.
Burn no. 1 Smells like a magnetic night by the fire. Blended with warming notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass.
Burn no. 2 Smells like a weekend morning with warm sun and soft sheets. Blended with bright notes of pink pepper, gurjun balsam, lemon California, and cedarwood Virginia.
100% cotton, lead-free wick Vegan Cruelty-free Phthalate-free Made with jojoba and soybean oils Low burning temperature Ultra-hydrating Hand-poured in Brooklyn, NY

We recommend not ordering these online May-September as they have a low melting point and easily melt during transit. If you order these during those months it is at your own discretion and they will not be refunded or replaced.