Pom Flexible Vibrator by Dame

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*This toy is our bestseller for a reason!*

This is one of the most versatile and ergonomic toys on the market right now. We love it because not only is it an incredible vibrator to be used during sex, it makes a great solo vibe as well. It's squishy and flexible, and its slim shape makes it super easy to hold between two bodies without getting in the way or digging into your pelvic bone. The broad 'pebble' shape makes it easy to get to the right place, but the slanted tip helps target the stimulation as well. 


Pom (Flexible Vibrator)
A flexible, waterproof vibe. Pom gives you broad or targeted stimulation with its powerful, rumbly motor and five patterns.

Pom bends to your every whim. With no internal body, it’s soft and flexible enough to conform to your hip movements and snuggle close to your vulva.

Pom is ergonomic and small enough to nestle within the palm of your hand. It has tactile, intuitive controls for a confusion-free user experience.

Pom has our most powerful motor yet, and four brand-new patterns to explore. Its continuous intensity controls allow you to discover your perfect speed, or you can choose from five preset intensities for point-and-click pleasure.