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Delightfully squishy for humping and grinding - Flex is made with the softest 100% body safe silicone. Feel the perfect amount of friction and softness with Pelle's signature silicone recipe of marshmellowy goodness. 

The waves of Flex have been designed with vulva comfort in mind. Uses are as varied as your imagination - place on a pillow for humping, hold between your body and a partner while grinding, place on top of your favorite vibrator for softer broad vibrations, or pair at the base of a dildo while wearing a harness for added cushion and soft stimulation. 

Luxuriate in your pleasure, slow down and build arousal with Flex. 



How to get started. Cup Ripple or Dune in your palm, add water based lube. Caress, slide, and pulse into vulva. 

Perfect for grinding. Place Ripple or Dune on pillow or comfortable surface and ride on top. 

Experiment with pressure. Start slow and find which sides and angles work for you! 

Play with temperature. Warm by placing in hot water, or pressed against the body for a few minutes to transfer heat. 



So, this isn't a vibrator? 

Nope! Whim was designed as an alternative to vibrating toys. Made of only 100% medical grade silicone, Whim is designed to feel extremely soft and squishy - a sensation that might remind you of a partners tongue ;) 

What is body safe silicone? 

Body safe silicone (also known as medical-grade silicone), is engineered to use in and outside of the body. It is non-porous, which means it can be fully sanitized between uses. 

Where is this made? 

All Pelle products are designed and made in NC. They are a small business specializing in making handmade products, which means we can choose production partners that align with our values. Pelle will always be committed to supporting other small business (BIPOC, LQBTQIA+, and women owned to the front!).