Light it Up, Burn it Down Sticker- Holographic

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Awakening's very own design, for when you want to light shit up and burn it down at the same time. 

Holographic silver background with black text, 3 X 1.82"

Illustration by Denver artist Madeleine Austin

All of the products with this design are exclusive at Awakening, and 20% of each sale goes to Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective.

Lysistrata is an online based, community run sex worker mutual care collective. As people in the industry, they understand how exploitation plays into the field, like any other job, because sex work is WORK! 

Their goals are to protect autonomy and decision making while also acknowledging that there are people who have lesser access to making choices about their involvement in this industry, to protect folks who have chosen this industry for any number of reasons and to protect folks who didn't by working together as a collective to provide education, exchange life saving information, and provide access to resources.

To fulfill these goals, they aim to:

Collect and distribute funds for the purposes of providing financial assistance to marginalized members of our community who are struggling due to illness, injury, homelessness, wrongful arrest/incarceration, unstable or abusive working conditions, domestic violence, discrimination and other factors that affect their ability to make a living.

Promote and signal boost fundraisers and events for other orgs and individuals in the sex work community. 

Sponsor, host and/or participate in events/activities that promote sex work advocacy and networking.

Partner with other sex worker led orgs and projects to supplement necessary services and aid visibility for the work that’s already being done in our community.

Support sex worker owned businesses/orgs, assist in the building of new sex worker run businesses/orgs and offer community resources to ease the transition into other fields for those seeking to diversify their skill set and/or leave the industry.

Work towards building financial, living and working structures that are accessible to and benefit the most marginalized members of our community.