Limited Edition 'Canna' Doxy Die Cast 3

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The newest way to get a high with Doxy, is this limited edition Die Cast 3.

Doxy Die Cast 3 is our compact metal wand massager and it certainly delivers ‘high’ vibrations! This petite device has all the qualities our customers appreciate in the larger Doxy

Original and Doxy Die Cast massagers; great looks, high quality materials, a smooth
silicone head and perfect control.
Whether you want penetrating massage for painful muscles or added excitement for
your intimate enjoyment, the smaller size helps you to deliver the fabled Doxy power
to just the right spot.
The three simple control buttons are all you need to go from gentle beginnings of
3,000 really pleasurable moments (rpms) to a world-moving 9000rpm. Enjoy our
popular escalating pulse mode by just pressing and holding the power button for
three seconds. Just be sure to handle all that power with care.
The Doxy Die Cast 3 head can be easily unscrewed and replaced with any of our four
specially designed attachments to deliver really heart-warming experiences. They
can all be firmly secured, so there’s no need to worry about them shifting or twisting.
The plug-top power supply allows only low voltage, direct current to enter the
product, ensuring safe and hassle-free use worldwide. You won’t have to worry about
your nearest power sockets thanks to the generous 3metre (10ft) cable.