Low Rise Panty Gaff

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Our Low Rise Panty Gaff features an extra front panel for extra smoothing effect and full rear coverage. Designed in Nylon/Spandex for extra support and slick feminine style.

  • Bikini with front panel compression
  • Perfect complement to tucking
  • 76% Nylon 24% Spandex


It is important to use our sizing chart, as our sizes may differ from other brands.

How do you measure your size? Stand in front of a full length mirror in just your underwear, placing your feet together. Find the widest part of your hips and place your measuring tape in the middle of this point by securing it with your thumb on the side of your hip. Bring the tape around your back to join at the starting point. The tape should be level and snug, but not digging in. If you can fit more than one finger under the joined tape, it’s too loose.

After measuring, use the below size guide to determine your size:


Machine wash cold, tumble dry low