Premium Garment Leather Leash (multiple colors)

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Some subs need a tighter leash. Confirm control without sacrificing luxury with our 2.5ft Premium Garment Leather Leash. This eye-catching lead will proudly display trained obedience in the alluring colors of black, purple, pink, or red. More than just a pretty piece, sturdy construction ensures that its strong looped handle and heavy-duty hardware will prevent your prize pet from breaking free.

Attach to a collar for strict control, or to cuffed wrists or a body harnesses for strong and safe shepherding, or to wherever else your imagination takes you. Use two leashes together (simply attach one on each side of a head harness or bit gag) as reigns for pony play to ride and guide your pony during training. 

This leather bondage gear is made of particularly fine leather and manufactured right here in Los Angeles, USA.

Product Details:
• 2.5 feet long (76.2cm) and .75" wide (1.9cm)
• Made of premium, medium weight garment leather with nickel-plated hardware.