Union Zine Issue No. 1

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The Premiere LGBTQ+ Furry Zine for Kink Attire, Hardware, and Community. We Flourish & Play at UNION  Bi-annual publication 18+ /// NSFW

Within this international zine, we have been brought together to celebrate varieties of kink and gear within furry & LGBT+ communities.

We don sleeker skins, sharper claws, higher heels and new faces. We play, and share, and bite, and stretch our minds and hearts in the revelry of sensation. Far be it from seeking simple happiness, we seek to indulge in the act of living within a body, and further still decorating it with style, grace, and our own personal beauties. Fantasy is not as out of reach as it truly seem.

This is a love for one another, and of the self. An old love, a deep and true love. One that screams, barks, growls, and rattles its chains with glee and delight. Is your heart beating faster- or is it cooled to a diamond point? Form a pact with yourself and others to find UNION in frame and soul.