The WaterSlyde: Aquatic Stimulator

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Our ultimate self-care / self-love product. Your BFF with benefits!!

The WaterSlyde® aquatic stimulator is the revolutionary patented faucet attachment that directs water to the midline of the tub - right where you want it!

A fab sex toy alternative to your vibrator, giving you and your V a new OMFG sensation!!! 
  • Body-Safe (Just plain H2O to wash and stimulate your vulva)
  • Water Delivered Right To Your Vulva (No more scooching or bathtub yoga)
  • Pleasure From Arousal To Orgasm (You decide how far to go)
  • Hands-Free (Lay back, let the water do the rest)
  • All The Power You Need (You decide the water pressure, let gravity do its thing)
  • No Batteries Required! (Ever)

Bath time never felt soooo good!

 For more on The WaterSlyde, check out "Pleasure Revolution: The Bathtub Technique is Back...and Better Than Ever".

Works with most forward-facing bathtub faucets. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
Dimensions: 16inches X 3.5 inches X 2 inches.